Success and Failure are nothing but two sides of a coin! Both are equally valuable. It’s the point of view that makes the difference.

What do you mean by a success story ?

In general, when you try something and are able to complete it or achieve a certain level we call it success. When we accomplish our aims and goals we consider it successful. It feels that people have given a very narrow and steep definition to success. We tend to measure someone’s success on the basis of various materialistic things.
Success stories are not about where you are; it’s more about how you got there!

What do you understand by a failure story ?

Usually when we are not able to achieve a desired destination people call it a failure. If we do not fulfill the set criteria we are considered unsuccessful. The society considers you incapable and inefficient. Failure stories are never highlighted and talked about. They are quoted just to highlight success.
Failure stories are not about why you did not get there; it’s more about what stopped you from getting there!

Importance of failure stories:

A successful person can tell you how to achieve a certain goal or level but probably not the best way to reach there.

To be honest, a person who never fails, never learns. There are people who achieve success in one go while a few get it after repeated attempts. But what is important is the learning process you go through. 

Failure stories are a roadmap of directions you should avoid. They tell you about the hurdles you would have to face on the way and the action you should not consider.

I feel, only a person who has faced failures knows the actual value of success. We have so many great scientists, educationists, businessmen whose failure stories are much more interesting and valuable than their success story.

Therefore, failure stories not only teach you but also let you experience the bitter taste of your actions. They let you learn more so that you improve yourself for the next time.

Why people don’t talk about failure stories?

The society has a very judgemental opinion about this. Most people feel that a  person who failed i.e. could not achieve his goal or aim is useless. They think that he lacks intelligence and knowledge. There is this thought that why should we ask or consult him; he himself could not do it what will be able to tell us. 

But… this is absolutely wrong! 

We cannot measure someone’s knowledge on the basis of what he has achieved. Maybe there was something which no one knows that stopped him. 

Society has made an opinion that a person with a success story is very valuable and we must listen to him. But friends ; in my opinion a person with a failure story is equally valuable because the lessons, the hardships, the mental pressure, the emotional instability he went through must also be listened to.

The real bitter truth

No two people can achieve success through the same mantra or path. Every successful person has their own struggle and their side of the story. We can definitely read success stories to understand the hardships and difficulties one faces. But at the same time we must acknowledge failure stories to know the less told side of the story. 


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