With due respect towards your professional and non bias attitude I have few queries and I am struggling to find a relative answer to it.

  • Do my hand movements define my personality?
  • Does fumbling define my path towards success?
  • Having a high CGPA is all that matters for my first impression?
  • Is it necessary to give the answers of your preference to a particular question?
  • Should I hide my real personality and act according to the company’s expectations?
  • Is there any application which provides experience to a fresher?

Side lining pandemic and GDP; these issues are not new. I know there are several people raising these questions every now and then but they have been struggling to find an appropriate answer till date.

Every time a fresher raises a question mostly it is ignored or taken very lightly. There is rarely anyone willing to answer them upfront. But don’t you accept- “the country of youth’’ is downgrading the youth in itself.

A journey from a fresher to depression.

I went to the college – full of expectations, a lot of promises and equal amount of excitement.  No one knew what an unexpected turn all this would take.

Here I am, enjoying this final phase of my academic career while gaining lot of knowledge and improvising my skills.

The market expects us to either have experience or else a degree from a big business school. With the population and number of graduates graduating every year is it possible for each one of us to get in to those colleges? Or the corporate have made their mind that innovative minds are only found in some top notch colleges.

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