Few days ago while talking to my sister I realised how a girl’s life changes after her marriage. There was this thought about the master’s degree she has done which is of no use now as she left her job soon after marriage. She has a small kid. Her day and night is all around her in-laws, husband, child and household chores.

What does ‘THE’ society think ?

I have come to the conclusion that no matter how well educated you are or belong to a modern family; at the end “the society” perceives you differently once you are married. According to them you are now responsible for managing the house instead of managing your files. The cherry on the topping is when you become a mother; now you just can’t think of going back to work.

The egoistic expectations

Well, even before that girl got married and became a part of your family; the house was being well managed. Then, all of a sudden why to expect everything from her. How does she become answerable to all the undone work?

Therefore, we need to realise that we must let the new person be the way they are. We must let them study further if they want to, go for their job, earn those promotions and fulfill their dreams.

Challenges married working women face

It’s not at all easy to handle two fronts at the very same time. Especially, when you have gossiping relatives to point you out. Here are some major challenges women face :

  1. At times the in – laws aren’t understanding.
  2. Your potential is questioned.
  3. Everyone in your family thinks you are a superwoman.
  4. Family does not support or help you much.
  5. Boss’s can have a biased opinion.
  6. Completing the deadlines of work along with household work.
  7. Giving sufficient time to your family.
  8. Living a healthy lifestyle.

When is the right time to stop working after marriage ?

Honestly I don’t think that there is a right time to stop working. It just depends on your priorities in life; what you want to do after marriage. If you want to work then you must go ahead with it and if you don’t want to then also it is fine. It’s not just about quitting work it’s about quitting your dreams.

The right time for some people could be just after marriage ,for some after having a baby and for some enthusiastic people it could be never. There is no criteria or pattern according to which we should think about working ahead.

Also I feel that the society should stop judging women who are ambitious and want to be a CEO or MD. She knows what she wants in life and how to manage her family; she is not leaving her family behind, she just wants to take them along with her success.

Is it really necessary to stop working after marriage?

The answer to this question is quite controversial. So, with due respect towards the opinion of others; my answer is ‘NO’.

Personally, what is important is how you decide to handle your life. Working after marriage does not necessarily means going to the office. It can mean running a home grown business, running an NGO,  reliving your talent and monetizing it. In this web oriented world there are numerous work from home opportunities for women.

Not every work you do has to be done for the purpose of earning money, it could be for inner peace as well. Different people have different purposes for working. So, instead of stopping women start supporting them.

Ways to deal with it

Some of the most easy ways are:

  • Do not let your self confidence fade away ever.
  • Believe in yourself; you can do it.
  • Do not let others make decisions for you.
  • Learn to ‘ignore’ what others say.
  • Prioritise things in your life.
  • Voice your opinion.

From giving birth to a child to starting a company of her own
From managing household work to managing people at work
All women have a purpose in their lives.
Never let any of her dreams remain incomplete, she just expects you to understand and support her the way you expect from her…

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