The beginning of a journey….

The dream of a life without any types of bound. Living it with full of passion; but somewhere trapped in the middle of the ocean.

Love- the actual meaning          

Being attracted, feeling of pleasure, enjoying spending time together, being passionate, thinking of a person every now and then and gradually smiling is what the majority of us recommend as love.

The ‘O’ factor in love

Nothing in this world is good when it crosses it’s limit, so is love.

Over possessive- Possessiveness  is good but to a certain limit as it may take the independence of your partner. Try to take care of each other rather than getting too much sticky and invading the personal space.

Over Romantic- Romance is one of the key ground of any relationship though it cannot take place anywhere and anytime. If the place and time are not favorable it shows up the immaturity and is often embarrassing for the other one.

Over Loving-Life, including love life needs many more things apart from love to have joy and happiness ; someone rightly said “lifestyle cannot be maintained by love”. There should be high focus on the things that are necessary for future prospective.

Optimistic- Every time we cannot rely on the destiny, we have to make endless efforts to make things desirable and perfect.


On the basis of bonding, trust, happiness and excitement the best relationship we all are aware about till date and without any doubt for the times to come…

Love in friendship

There is always love in friendship but here the point is about the relationship. Many a times there is a scenario which leads friendship into a relationship, it might be boom or falter that totally depends upon how one carries it forward.

The love we get

Definitely if two people are well known to each other and have spent some of the best time together witnessing all the up’s and down’s in each other’s life. Surely they can walk in love lane hands in hands forever..

The friend we lose

Some may agree many other may not but as an individual I believe some or the other way we lose that inner friend in that person. Friendship is far different thing than relationship and as an individual we should not spoil it, though here I am not mentioning about all the friends, as relationship require friendship I am highlighting it in regards with the closest or the best friend.

The things we learn

There is no direct comparison between love and friendship and apart from direct comparison  there should not be any comparison as both should be seen separately.

There might be time when we have to choose one, we should remember that life teaches us something new every day and all this are a part of our life span.

Negative way- One of the easiest way to handle things is to see negative in everything and blame the destiny but internally it’s the cowardice.

Positive way- A little tough to accept but very peaceful to live and we should think positive as-

                                                 “what’s not good is not the end’’

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