The common thing that most of the successful people have is the correct “attitude” towards their life and goals.

What does this word ‘attitude’ mean?

Basically, the way you conduct your behaviour in personal as well as professional life to deal with various situations is your attitude. It is said to be your instinctive course of action when you have to deal with certain difficulties or problems. 

So, do not misinterpret someone’s attitude as overconfidence.

Types of attitude

There are three types of attitude that exist. They are as follows :

  1. Positive attitude :  This type is characterized by focusing on the solution rather than problems. People possessing a positive attitude tend to be optimistic even about the worst of situations. They are confident, tolerant, do not panic easily, look for a way out and cool minded.
  1. Negative attitude : When people look for the bad in every situation they tend to be intolerant, unhappy and angry all the time. Negative attitude consists of being pessimistic, frustrated, envious and irritated with others around.
  1. Neutral attitude : Between the two extremes exist people who simply do not react to situations. They are mostly not affected by happenings around them much. Such an attitude implies zero reaction to actions in their lives.

Do you really think that everyone is required to have it? 

Sir Winston Churchill once said : “ Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

Well, he said the right thing in the simplest way. Your attitude necessarily plays an important role in how you perceive and react in different situations; the attitude with which you take a step ahead can definitely make a huge difference in the outcome you want. 

It’s not only about the requirement of having an attitude but also about the necessity of having one. Therefore, each one must develop and possess a positive attitude towards their life.

What role does it play in your personal and professional life?

Firstly, it should be very clear that a good attitude is required not only at the workplace but also in your personal space.

When you have a positive attitude towards your work you tend to be more satisfied than a person who is always unhappy and complaining about it. Your boss and co workers would like to stick around and your chances of getting that appraisal or employee of the month would also be high. You will have more chances of showcasing your knowledge and better exposure to work opportunities. 

On the other hand having a positive attitude in your personal life will always help you sustain your relationships for a longer period of time. Every relationship has certain breakdowns but it’s the bad times that test the bonding and maturity within you. A good attitude will always prove to be the solution or answer to critical problems. 

How can you build it ?

Some simple ways and tips to have a positive attitude towards life are :

  • Accept failures and learn from them.
  • Don’t be overconfident.
  • Have patience and self belief.
  • Surround yourself with people with a good mindset.
  • Maintain a to do list or journal.
  • Learn to see the good in situations instead of noticing the bad.
  • Stop overthinking and analysing everything that happens with you.
  • Practise positive self talking on a daily basis.

How can it benefit or harm you ?

The attitude a person is going to showcase at times depends on the situation they are facing. Not every situation demands your optimism, anger or neutral behaviour. 

See, a positive attitude is always going to be very helpful and rewarding in all situations. It will help you at work as well in building personal relationships.

A negative attitude will often lead you to incomplete targets or poor job performance and losing connectivity with friends.

Well, a neutral attitude would just be ok ; not so happening but not so boring as well.

There may be times when a person having a positive attitude might not be in a proper mindset due to some or the other reason. ‘Anger’ and ‘Happiness’ are phases of life; you cannot judge a person’s attitude because of their behaviour for the time being. 

At the end of the day it’s important to have an open minded view towards various happenings in our lives instead of losing hope so easily and giving up. 

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