It’s not about what you want; it’s about with who you want
it’s not about how you reached; it’s about where you have reached

Since childhood our elders advise us to try and keep our heart safe and secured until we complete our basic education at least. They tell us that don’t get involved at a young age or you will get distracted from your studies and goals. According to them we might mix up the two things and kind of slip away from our ambitions.

As far as I think, it’s probably because of experiencing it at some time or the other. Our parents and elders would never want to see their kids suffering with an emotional breakdown, resulting into poor grades and anxiety. They want to see us running behind our life and career goals instead of running behind a relationship.

Well, I can’t say that they are absolutely right or wrong. I partly agree with them because we often tend to trust wrong people and give all of ourselves to them. But there are equal chances of finding our forever love and just like a diamond has to be looked upon with experience and patience we might as well have to.

Can we really manage both at the same time?

A big YES! I believe in the 21st century and specially now is the era of multi tasking. No wonder organisations are hiring people who have multi disciplinary knowledge.

See, no one is ever going to ask you to leave your studies or job just to have all of your time for them, but if they do so you probably know what to do. Special days and holidays are definitely an exception. When you are in a relationship with someone it becomes really important that you grow personally as well as professionally.

The two of you need to have an understanding of one’s priorities, both of you should rather encourage each other to perform with full potential. At the same time each one must also make time for their partner at least for a few minutes or so from their work. After a super stressful day what one wants is some love. They do not want you to skip or leave your work for them; a peaceful talk just before you go to bed would be all.

The question now comes; HOW ?

Here are a few essential tips to build career and relationship together:

  • Never say you are free to talk unless you actually are.
  • Do healthy discussions related to work with your partner.
  • Keep your priorities and important meetings upfront to your partner.
  • Let them handle their work problems on their own, don’t interfere too much.
  • When in your personal space try to avoid work calls unless it’s something really urgent.
  • Do not make unwilling compromises just to make your partner happy.
  • Be honest about situations or things you feel bad about.
  • Do not try to involve the other too much with your colleagues if they don’t want to.
  •  Try to resolve issues in the initial stages before the whole situation becomes ugly and difficult to deal with.      

“Some of the strongest relationships are built on the foundation of mutual respect and trust towards one another”.

What about times when we need to make a choice between the two? Do we really require doing that?

The choice is not about what? It’s about when

There are going to be tough times where you would be required to choose one over the other and trust me it will be a matter of some time. Some situations would demand you to treat one of them more important for certain duration of time and eventually all will fall back in place itself.

Remember the essential tips… and things would become easy for you. You never need to choose one and leave the other; you just need to choose which requires your attention more for now.

Interesting fact about choices is that the other person should understand your reason behind it. Instead of questioning them they should try to comprehend them. So, share it with your partner to let them know what you know.

 Life is a game of choices
They either make you or break you

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