Marks/score/result- some keywords we have been handling from our school life. To get into a good university school grades should be amiable to cope-up with the minimum criteria and fulfill the cut off requirement. With heavy competition many a times a great student misses the chance to get in their desired college and thus the number of frustrated people are increasing.

The Number game

Here is the first misjudgment we make knowing the fact ‘’quality is better than quantity’’ we give all the importance to the marks rather than skills and capability. To a very great extent marks have an important role in our life but that isn’t the only thing required to be a successful human being.

Current scenario: Its importance

Well folks we all know that marks play a vital role throughout our career. It supports us in getting admission in top colleges, the marks scored by an individual also helps in getting good jobs and extraordinary package.

Apart from the above leverage, marks somewhat set up a strong image of individual and is the written proof of hard work and concentration ability.

What about those who don’t have good academic records?

Everything has its two faces, if there are toppers definitely there will be so called failures but life doesn’t stops there and neither should we. Someone rightly said- ‘failure is the key to success’, but key should be inserted in the right lock in a correct manner.

No score can determine your willingness and capability to turn the table. But one has to make a strong road map to success and stick to success plans.

How do extra curricular activities help?

When you participate in co – curricular activities like sports, dancing, event management etc; they boost up your confidence. It’s not always important to win but at least you participated; you made an attempt to try something new.

Such activities always enhance your personality; you somewhere start seeing things around you with a new perspective. So do not restrict yourself to books, go and explore other fields as well, you might find a new path.

Competing with rank holder’s

No doubt people with excellent academic records are having upper advantages, but this advantage is for the starting of the race; it all totally depends on us how we want to see the result at the finishing line.

High focus, hard work and believing in yourself come into play when you are competing with people who have high grades. With lots of effort we can definitely fill up the gap and can lead from the front.

Basic solutions:

One should not over think and get disgraced.

Maintain positive attitude.

Listen to your inner self and find out your career field.

Pursue those things you have interest in.

Avoid comparing yourself to anyone.

Try to avoid everyone’s opinion.

Don’t take it personally; these people are unaware about your personality.

Survival of the fittest

We are living in a competitive world where technologies are being developed every now and then. With involvement of machinery and other artificial intelligence the requirement of man power have somewhat declined.

The time to come will be for people with innovative thoughts and out of box thinking. Personality and communication is one of the most demanded skill universally so, one should definitely improve it to stay in the race.

The myth

It is better to live in reality rather than living in dream world, most of us have a myth that without knowledge we can do wonders and to support our wordings we give various examples of highly successful people including the founder of world’s biggest software company and social networking sites as both were college dropout, without giving a broad clarification just pause and think for few seconds how tough it is to get in the institution from where both of them have dropped; the finest mind are from that institutes….


Everything has its own importance so as your grades; but grades and degrees do not guarantee success, but your ‘efforts and will ‘ determine the same. There is no substitute for hard work, as this is the only thing in the world which surely pays back.

                                                             We win or we learn; we never lose

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