This pandemic has brought us in a situation where many of us are jobless or on half pay and we are totally unaware on how long things will take to be normal again. All of us have more free time than usual. So, people are using their free time in various activities. One of the things in which almost every second person is involved is gaming. Therefore, seeing advertisement on almost every social networking site claiming that you can earn money while playing online games gets more and more people on board to play.

Can we really earn money through online games?
The answer is yes we can. But always remember one thing that nothing in this world comes for free, everything has a cost. You would have to make the initial investment. But, never forget the most basic rule. Higher the return you want, higher is the risk you would have to take.

The best online game for earning :
No doubt that there are some online games which can make you very rich. These games require some luck and skills to be successful. As of 2020 there has been a huge development in online gaming industry. Thus, online gaming has open ways for many people to have a successful career in gaming.

Poker has been crowned as one of the games which has transformed many people from rags to richness. Earlier poker was only played in casino’s or clubs but now day’s there are many trusted sites which offer online poker and one can really make a good wealth if your luck is in your favor as poker requires lot of luck rather than your skill.

Best online poker game
There are many variant of poker game; here is the list of some poker game which are very famous and applaud by mostly every poker player in the world.

  • Texas holdl’em
  • Post-limit omaha
  • 7 card stud
  • Chinese poker

If you are starting your career in poker game we recommend you to play Texas Hold’em poker. This is one of the most famous and common poker game which can help you in being the master poker player.

Some of the best sites to play online poker would be:

  • Poker star
  • Idnpoker
  • Poker 52
  • Gdpoker
  • Adda52
  • Pokerbazi
  • Spartin poker.

Rummy on the other hand is more a calculation based game where your skill plays a bigger role as compare to your luck in poker. Rummy is also available online and is being offered by many trusted sites as poker.

Some of the best sites to play online rummy would be :

  • Junglee Rummy
  • Ace2three
  • Classic Rummy
  • Rummy Circle

Difference between Rummy and Poker

Poker is a game of luck whereas rummy is a game of skills.

In poker you are totally dependent on the cards you get whereas in rummy your skill and strategy plays a crucial role.

Poker is a proper gambling game but rummy is a game of mind and skill, therefore we cannot say rummy is a total gambling game.

“If a person bluffs a lot in poker, he just thinks everyone else is bluffing more often. People equate things to how they live.” – Dan Bilzerian

Online games as a career

There are many games available in today’s world, but without falling in everyone’s trap we should know which games have good fundamentals which can pay us. Poker and rummy has been long practiced in casinos and from online one can also try their skill and luck in clubs and casinos.

 There are many tournaments held in different parts of the world which provide a great platform to all the players around the globe.

Reality check – You can easily find out players not only from some specific part but from the entire world who have succeeded in poker and rummy, though there are more people from poker as it can give you unexpected returns.

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