Looks don’t determine your standard but attire does define your personality.

The dynamic era of corporate world has indeed given a new shape to the fashion industry. The times when men could wear a shirt & trousers and women wore traditional outfit are left far behind. Now, there is  all together a separate range of attire/outfit catering to the needs of men and women at work.

Over the years, the shift from Indian formal clothing for women to a variety of western formals are being greatly welcomed. The concept of three piece suit for men is being replaced by shirt & trousers.

So, the way you dress yourself is the way people perceive you for the first time. Your attire showcases your respect and seriousness towards your work.

I agree that knowledge and talent has nothing to do with physical appearances but then a little finishing looks to your dressing can always increase your chances of being noticed first.

There are job positions which are somewhere not that closely linked to your attire, where a casual outfit would work for once. But then, there are job positions where your attire could be the game changer.


It’s your first interview and you are confused as to what would be the best to pair up so that your first impression is great. You are new to the corporate world and you are not aware that the interviewer could be rating you on the basis of your attire as well.
So, to eliminate these questions in your mind here are a few things you could do:

  • Wear the most basic formals; A well ironed pant with a crisp solid shirt or a lightly designed Indian suit.
  • Do not have a lot of accessories added, might look shabby at times.
  • Do a very light or minimal make up just to look fresh.
  • Loosely tied and shabby hair is a big NO.
  • Try to wear matching polished formal shoes or other formal footwear along.
  • Lastly, don’t be dressed uncomfortably; gives a bad impression if you will adjust your clothes every now and then.


When you are working in an organisation, you would basically notice three types of people:
 a) The overly dressed without a reason.
 b) The perfectly dressed who knows it all.
 c) The casually dressed because they don’t know.

When you are a person who has face to face interaction with customers on a daily basis, your attire is going to represent your organisation. Your clothes would be reflecting your attitude towards you job and the amount of seriousness you have towards it.

If you have a job position where you need to have regular client meetings, you have to be formally dressed or people might not take your words that seriously. Formal dress up with well equipped tools alongside is a must for such meetings.

People don’t realise this but when you are appropriately dressed up, you feel more confident and sure about your work as well as your words.
Henceforth, dress as per the needs and requirements of your job position and represent the best of yourself.


The top level management or as I would say the senior authorities have the most influential and important role in any organisation. They are that group of people whom the middle and lower level management would look up to.

So, people working at this level must always be suited up to make the best out of any situation. Their attire must be impressive and self explanatory of the title they hold.

What about informal outings, should the formals be still on?

Building network and maintaining business relationships is a key for success in any organization, therefore various gatherings are organised.
No one would want to go for a success party or festival celebrations in an all formal look.
So, the best way to present yourself is:

  • To wear something which is simple and is not very much ornamented or designed.
  • To wear something which suits your image as an employee or manager.
  • To wear something in which you feel to be yourself.

Friends, always remember that whatever you wear speaks a lot about your personality. It’s not at all necessary to wear expensive or branded clothes but always wear those which are comfortable to you and not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good from inside.

The first impression is the last impression and your dressing may contribute much in your first impression. So present yourself in a way which increases your energy & boosts up your confidence

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