Two halves are never equal. It is usually said: Divide it into two equal halves, but the reality is they usually are never equal.

We all seem to have developed this habit of fighting for ourselves as well as others without even understanding as to which part of our think is it right or not.

At times it’s good not to be a part of others, and at times someone just becomes a part of you.

When a minute thing like a pen loses its importance when the cap is lost, then how can we Human Beings think that we are the most important beings on this Earth and others are meant to give us all the importance?

There are various other lives that breathe on this Earth which is equally theirs. They also equally deserve respect, attention, love, and care.

 A pen can survive for a few days without its better half but in the end, it either dries up or maybe someone else finds its place and protects it. Mother Nature is also like protection without which we Human Beings would not be able to survive for long.

I have heard a lot of people say “Women are no less than Men”, Right, I agree with it;

But is it required to be said now and then?

No, not at all because Men and Women are not here to compete with each other or outperform each other in any field. We just need to acknowledge the fact that God simply sent two beings on this Earth for each other and not against each other.

It takes nothing from you to be considerate about your surroundings. You never know what an effect of your smallest deed can have on someone. From feeding poor & needy people to sharing food with your caretakers, from teaching kids for free to teaching your colleagues. From black lives matter to all lives matter. It is all about your perception of society.

Equality is a constitutional right given to all but the right way to exercise it is through Humanity. Human Beings are the ones who came into existence and because of their existence did these rights take birth.

So, pause for a moment, think….. and comment below as to out of the two which makes you and would make you feel more empowered and more aware as well as a responsible Human Being?

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