Success what is it? For different people, it has a different meaning. Owning a luxury car may be a big achievement for some and at the same time arranging for 2 meals a day may be a challenge for many others.

We talk about going on the moon and settling humans over there, but some are unable to move out of their home.

For many, women are their backbone, the apple of their eye, oxygen of their air. But on the other hand, for many, they are the cooks and keepers of their house.

This lockdown was quite a new experience for many of us, as there was a little excitement, some fun games, or family gathering after decades, but what about those whose life has been declared a complete lockdown ever since their birth or marriage.

Industrialization has played a key role in today’s development and high profile lifestyle.

She’s the industry of all human beings. We all are developed in and by her. Then how can we ever imagine destroying it? Happiness is the priority which one should keep in his or her mind as success some or the other way naturally co-relate with happiness, but can one seriously be happy by making someone else’s life hell-like fire?

The question stays from decades changes have been there in society. Securities arrangements have been increased by the government, but so as the population and uneducated degree holder… moral classes were quite boring for many of us in our school days but now looking back I realize it’s importance.

We should make internal changes in ourselves so that the generation to come should have the right path to follow in front of them. . Definitely, the change will be difficult but a bit contribution by everyone will surely make a success / surely result in something.

And without overthinking about the end result we should start to change and stand for the right things.

Everyone reading this article please put forward your views and whether you agree about this concern or not.

 Let’s bring a societal change not like lectures but in the real world!!

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