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ARE YOU ABLE TO CREATE AND MAINTAIN IT? What do you understand by the term work life balance? Well, my idea of work life balance means to have an invisible line of difference between our professional life and personal life. It means to have a clear understanding in our mind about the importance of both … Continue reading “WORK LIFE BALANCE;”

Online Poker and Rummy

This pandemic has brought us in a situation where many of us are jobless or on half pay and we are totally unaware on how long things will take to be normal again. All of us have more free time than usual. So, people are using their free time in various activities. One of the … Continue reading “Online Poker and Rummy”

Humanity > Equality

HUMANITY > EQUALITY Two halves are never equal. It is usually said: Divide it into two equal halves, but the reality is they usually are never equal. We all seem to have developed this habit of fighting for ourselves as well as others without even understanding as to which part of our think is it … Continue reading “Humanity > Equality”